Our SAMOS™ Products

Origines of SAMOS™

SAMOS™ was developed deriving from several issues encountered by the truck and trailer transportation industy:

  • Access problem in confined spaces
  • Premature wear of the tires, and related costs
  • Maintenance costs of road infrastructures
  • Important ecological footprint related to energy consumption

Overview of SAMOS™

Overview of the SAMOS™ System

  • Patent issued by the United States
  • Intellectual property in Canada confirmed
  • Pending completion of patents in several other countries.
  • Exclusive operational technology
  • Licenses, partnerships available

Benefits of SAMOS™

The benefits of SAMOS™ are numerous :

  • The operator will have the option to chose between the most appropriate type of driving according to road conditions.
  • Lower environmental impact and GHG
  • Retrofit on existing products
  • Decrease in delivery time
  • Decreases tire wear
  • Short-term profitability

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SAMOS™ offers many advantages to urban truck and trailers transportation, check them out !