SAMOS™ Product Technological innovations
Steered axles Manufacturing rights
Manufacturing rights Axle with a progressive correction rotary steering system

Innovation, Creativity, Solutions

Product developed in collaboration with the engineering firm, GN SOLUTIONS INC

GN TECHNOLOGIES has developed a technology that can increase the flexibility of truck driving in urban environment.

We offer the ability to manufacture SAMOS® products through licensing for an identified territory.
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About GN Technologies

GN Technologies' mission is to promote worldwide technology to facilitate the safe transport movement of commuters.

GN TECHNOLOGIES, founded in 2010, is a company dedicated to the improvement of products within the industry of truck and trailer transportation. GN TECHNOLOGIES develop a technological product that can adapt to current manufacturing standards.
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SAMOS™ products advantages

GN TECHNOLOGIES INC. has the expertise and the knowledge to provide answers to :

  • Economic factors
  • SAMOS® system security
  • Advantages for the manufacturer
  • Answers to government enquiries
  • Environmental factors
  • Technical support
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SAMOS™ offers many advantages to urban truck and trailers transportation, check them out !